Thursday, February 25, 2016

Formation of the little life – Aftonbladet

TV Life and Horace in Europe , SVT’s culture initiative in six half-hour parts, is a hybrid that I almost suspect is created to annoy such as me. Horace Engdahl , formation doyen, and Life Strömqvist , feminist satire cartoonist. Slightly more mismatched, one can hardly imagine. Nevertheless: they seem to thrive together. Funny. Though most of them.

Less funny is that at least the first two sections depicting conversations entirely on his terms. The older man says, the younger woman listens. She says something, he fills in and embroider out. Or are her lines are not at all in a dialogue but just as solitary, isolated knowledge. If women and stuff.

The traditional training trips was a top or upper middle class privilege when young men (mostly) went to Europe to see and experience available culture. When Horace and Liv goes out is the part of the applicant rationalized. They travel around to teach. Each other or us viewers.

The latter is not really weird – seekers are not so TV-wise – but I still wonder really who should enjoy the program. Those who already know their Goethe falls asleep on the couch, those who do it will not be so much wiser.


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