Tuesday, February 16, 2016

After the leak – releasing all the songs for listening – Aftonbladet

Molly Sanden song “YOUniverse” leaked online before the Eurovision Song Contest.

Now, given the possibility of a limited time preview of all contributions from round four.

– however, it is extremely unfortunate that the error has occurred, writes executive producer Christer Björkman.

30 seconds of the Molly Sanden contribution in Melodifestivalen leaked online. For a short time was the song “YOUniverse” available to foreign platforms. Including sales site Amazon.

Sanden will not be disqualified from this year’s competition. The record company Sony Music has commented on the leak.

– Of course, we are dismayed that the foul. When the discovery was made clip down immediately. Neither the artist or record company contributed to the temporary leakage, writes the Sony Music in a press release.

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in order to neutralize any advantage in the competition gives SVT opportunity, for a limited time preview all contributions from round four.

– There has not been any intent of the artist or the record company in all communication has been clear that the release date is February 28. The error is therefore in the next stage, which means that there are no grounds for disqualification, says Christer Björkman , executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, in a press release.

– However, it is extremely unfortunate that the error has occurred and we strongly recommends that the record companies for the future is exceedingly clear in all communications with all of its sales channels, continues Bjorkman.

the songs posted on svt.se/melodifestivalen during a day of strong at 17: 00th

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