Monday, February 22, 2016

“Regulate not break the cultural school” – Helsingborgs Dagblad

– We see a great risk that you lock the culture of the school in a specific form and inhibit the development of the business, says Joakim Feldt, section manager at SKL.

with the focus on the ongoing investigation, SKL now put together questionnaires from 39 municipalities showing an overwhelming majority, 96 per cent of parents and students, are very pleased with today’s culture school.

even fees is seen as problematic. But what conclusions can be drawn when you just interviewed the parents who already have children in the culture of the school, and therefore can afford to pay an average of 700 per activity and children?

– If compared with many other activities, the considered to be reasonable, but it does not mean that it is not an obstacle. The problem is we do not really know, Joakim Feldt.

Student substrate can be broadened in ways other than through legislation, according SKL.

– One can consider geography: on the school site, and the times that are offered? The range may only attract some students may need more focus on, for example, film and visual arts? That is how I think it should work, says Joakim Feldt.

instead of mandatory regulations favor he a national dialogue with the municipalities, but also the state taking more responsibility when it comes to training teachers.

– I think that a detailed regulation makes it more difficult for students to influence and for schools to adapt supply to local conditions and requirements. If you legislate for a specific choice I do not think it helps.


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