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It is all like a dance, Alicia! – Aftonbladet

Alicia Vikander dreamed of a life as a dancer. But instead of ballet star, she has become Hollywood’s hottest actress.

In the night can be 27-year-old from Gothenburg Oscar rewarded for her performance in “The Danish Girl”. Before this year’s biggest film gala has Nöjesbladet charted the events that shaped our new rising star. From dancing to Christmas calendar – and on to Hollywood.

– The dance was my first love, the Alicia said.

Still, it was acting, she came away with from childhood.

When her parents, actress Mary Fahl and psychologist Svante Vikander , early differed was the theater where Alicia’s mother worked as did act babysitter.

– I had a good childhood. I was too young to remember any of divorce, she said.

From the time she was seven, she participated in a number of musicals.

She also started playing the violin, which she continued in seven years.

But the whole time, it was the dancing that stood in the center.

Also that she began with seven.

– I was so young but it became a part of the man was. I stood on the stage from the time I was nine or ten.

In total, she spent nine years at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, first at primary schools in Gothenburg and at secondary school in Stockholm.

– I moved there when I was 15. I lived in a small room with minimal kitchen, she said.

there, everything changed.

the calendar start

– I think I was 16 when I saw a small ad in the newspaper that they were looking for teenage girls to the Advent calendar as Tomas Alfredson would do, she says to Aftonbladet.

– Stage test was a Sunday, only the day we were not teaching.

she had made some short films and says she felt an attraction to acting.

– I snuck off and was later called to a second test. Thankfully, it was also on a Sunday.

She laughs.

– I did not say I went to ballet school and I said definitely not to my ballet school that I went on stage testing because it was not allowed.

She got the job.

– I was absolutely appalled. Because the school took all my time I realized that I probably would not be able to jump on the role. But after meeting Tomas again, I could not say no.

took a big risk

She says she took a risk when she was three months left ballet school to do television series.

– They were kind enough to let me come back and finish the training. But it was partly because I realized what I really wanted to spend my time.

Something that further affected the decision arthritis injuries. Even today she is suffering from a back injury from his time as a dancer.

– It was tough. I have often asked me if I when I have children going to let them go through it. It was very competitive at an early age.

At the same time, she sees positive sides.

– I got a discipline in school I do not know if I would have had otherwise.

It has clearly helped her as an actress.

An example is her first major role, when she in 2012 portrayed the Queen Caroline Mathilde Nikolaj Arcel historical drama “A Royal Affair”. Then she learned Danish in two months by recording a friend’s mom.

– Every day I woke up, I was terrified, she says in The Telegraph.

But it went well. The film was nominated for both a Golden Globe and Oscar Awards and in England ended Vikander on the list of future stars.

Major Breakthrough

Many thought that Alicia would have reached Hollywood heights even earlier. But Joe Wright version of “Anna Karenina” in 2012, where Alicia made her first English-speaking role, received mixed reception, and never attracted a large audience.

The retrained Swede was working on – and lined up movies on the assembly line.

last year, the jackpot.

She got her first big break in the Alex Garland sci-fi drama “Ex machina” .

– I’m so glad that a small film receive this recognition, she told Aftonbladet after the Golden Globe nomination.

at the same time she was hailed for the stake in “the Danish girl” the drama of the world’s first known sex change who can give her the film world’s finest price.

bettors ‘favorite

She bettors’ favorite to win before competitors like Kate Winslet , Rooney Mara , Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Jason Leigh .

– I tried to portray a person I really looked up to, the an emotional level. She is a woman in the 1920s who is ahead of time. She tells him she works, she creates everything herself, she is an artist, she’s also incredibly brave, self-sacrificing and supportive.

The success only adds to Alicia’s position in Hollywood. In several surveys listed her as the actress directors would most like to have in his next film.

New projects are already underway.

First is the “Tulip Fever,” a costume drama that takes place in Holland in the 1600s.

It is followed by the fifth installment of the “Bourne”, where she plays against Matt Damon .

– it has been quite overwhelming and I’ve been very nervous, she answers the question of how she managed the transition to Hollywood stardom.

– I am happy that I almost had to mature and get some more meat on the bones.

at the same time gold situation to be a huge revenge.

We are talking after all about a girl who twice sought to drama school in Stockholm.

She never came out.

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