Friday, February 26, 2016

Ulf Martensson: Frans, Zlatan and I – Ystad Allehanda

Yes, you know, I do not really feel at home at mom’s street when I hit the nerds in the Eurovision Song Contest Club or the cool artists and pop foxes.

But as a journalist has the privilege to write about everything between heaven and earth, and also gain insight into worlds whose existence otherwise only expect that distant galaxies about.

How to set I suddenly Thursday in Gavle rink, as they say on the Internet Swedish, in one of the day desolate arena, with a silent and professional recording press corps for the first time would get to hear the songs of the last of the four races in Eurovision song Contest.

the first band on stage, Eclipse, with a hard rock-like song, “the Runaways”.

Then came the artist of the artist, with dancers, ribbons, bold costume creations and cool light shows. Then it was finally time for the Frenchman, and suddenly there he was, alone on stage, all alone. So brave to behave so.

I also knew that his mentor, songwriter Fredrik Andersson, had just made a flash emergency to the hotel room where Frans headphones been left behind, necessary in listening. And Frederick had time, I realized, because Frenchman poked the earphones.

I was suddenly nervous, heart rate went up, and I felt so strongly for Frans I just a couple of hours ago sat and chatted with the breakfast. Then he was cool. But how could he fix it now, now that it was serious? 17 years and so lonely on the big, big stage. I thought I also hear a nervous trembling voice.

I almost felt like when my own guys were small and there was a match. I was sometimes nervous than them.

Then there was something Tjäll with sound and Christer Björkman interrupted the Frenchman just a few seconds into the song.

Other pull through was much better, and I guess both Frans and my heart rate went down .

I keep my fingers crossed for him tonight. Of course I do. There is also a different, own song that has something, I think, and he sings well. The question is just how it goes out on TV.

He also competes with artists schooled in Idol and countless gigs. Frans has not been on a big stage since he was little, little boy ten years ago sang Zlatan song “Who’s da Man”.

It strikes me that Frans was younger than Zlatan Ibrahimovic when the Frenchman broke through nationally. Now the Zlatan on another football plane. I wonder if he can listen to “If We were sorry” there, and if he answers Frans call, to support him:

“Zlatan, I backed up 2006 World Cup, it was not so darn good but I backed up. Now it’s your turn to fuck me back, “says Frans cocky with Zlatan twinkle in the eye.

in the evening goes. Keep your fingers crossed you do too!


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