Wednesday, February 17, 2016

June 2016 will Ullevi powerful music month – Göteborgs-Posten

Pickla herring and schnapps add on cooling. Lock troubadours and tuning an accordion for Nils Lofgren. For now it is clear. This year we celebrate midsummer with Bruce Springsteen. The information that rolled around so long if another Springsteen Visit at Ullevi turned out that meeting, although we at GP managed to place the concert in late July instead of June 25, Midsummer Day, which now became the case.

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It’ll be a night to remember. Long. The last time Bruce Springsteen chose to spend midsummer at Ullevi, 2003, started the band (or if it was just Lofgren) playing Ida’s summer show. Then only increased the pressure and, as they say.

Anyway, with Bruce Springsteen booked and completed, in June 2016 the most powerful music month Ullevi ever experienced, whether it be two gigs or not (the only thing more predictable than Bruce Springsteen makes an extra gig at Ullevi is that Live Nation would recognize it before heeled all their first-day tickets). But in June … what a freaking month.

First two evenings with Hakan Hellstrom on 4 and 5 June, already historic, not least because of the insane ticket pressure. Then visiting a revitalized Iron Maiden Ullevi for the fourth time on 17 June (hard rock and Ullevi Stadium are notoriously a marriage made in metal heaven). And so we have now additionally rock legend from New Jersey, The Boss, America’s response to Håkan Hellström (chilling out, I’m joking) Mr. Bruce Springsteen – the superstar that many more Swedes than Mona Sahlin and Göran Greider pressed to his heart and shared their life with. So even I.

It was the double album The River all began. Sherry darling. Hungry heart. Jackson Cage. Out in the street. Even picking up his coat in the Cadillac Ranch received three downy teens to bawl with the full throats, cranking air guitar and draw on Satan there on the patio in Kungsbacka. We missed the Ullevi stadium gigs in 1985, well not totally convinced the grandeur of the songs on the then-current Born in the USA plate and had not listened to us on the Darkness on the edge of town, so I chose and my friends (yes you, Niclas and Hans) to party at my parents’ porch at home instead. As we did every weekend. The entire summer vacation. The entire school. Even when The Boss were three mil away … sigh. Double sigh. But so it was with The River all began.

why it feels extra fun course Bruce Springsteen, this time focusing on The River, perhaps his best album. It’s going to be awesome. I do know three people, no longer quite so fuzzy, that will be very difficult to sit down when Springsteen kicks off The Ties That Bind.


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