Saturday, February 13, 2016

David Lindgren and Wiktoria directly to the final – Aftonbladet

Malmo. Bang gave Wiktoria a blackout.

Afterward was supported her by David Lindgren, who won the second final place.

– I took nothing so David had to grab me and just “you’ve gone to the finals,” she says Nöjesbladet.

the 19-year-old from Bramhult rattled highest when the second round of the Eurovision Song Contest decided on Saturday evening.

When the Swedish people told her it was debutant Wiktoria and veteran David Lindgren , 33, who won the final scenes.

But not even after his second appearance Wiktoria realized what had happened.

– As I walked down the stage, I asked SVT several times “wait, what happens, what happens,” and then afterwards I understood still nothing, so David had to grab me and just “you went on to the finals, “she says.

– I just” huh ?! “. I took nothing, and so it came just a lot of tears and I do not know what.

You had a blackout type?

– Yes, well, shit . I’m just so happy.

“to laugh”

Wiktoria accounted for TASK most complex number where animations projected on her body and the number required millimeters adaptation to function. But despite the Wiktoria managed to keep the nerves in check and getting to the final.

During the broadcast, she received huge public support and the jubilation reached no limits as soon as her name was called.

– It’s insane. I really did my best on stage and I’m really pleased, she said.

– Now I will dance and laugh and celebrate with people I like. And now I get back my phone! It is the best. The best after I reached the final. (Laughs)

“Totally empty”

David Lingren, it was third time lucky. After this week’s technology hassles with Lindgren’s advanced laser show was a relieved artist who made the final.

– It is completely blank in the head now, that is. For me it was really, really, really nice to move on, to have a continued life in this, he says.

– I’ve said it before, to go to the finals, it was felt best for me because it means that one song is enough directly for Eurovision.

Wiktoria and David Lindgren makes Ace Wilder and Robin Bengtsson companion in the final.


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