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Dressing and flower in the contest – Expressen

wreaths and costume changes – Melodifestivalen third race in Norrkoping invited to a fashion show like no other.

After Darks show went on exorbitant 400 million kronor, money Christer Lindarw get back in a snap.

– There I record so quickly, he says.

After Dark hit big with their crazy stage show – the price tag ended up at exorbitant SEK 400 000. But for that price were invited viewers on an extravagant glitter show.

In total, the 14 dancers costume changes during the song “Come out like a star.” Schlager Legendary Christer Lindarw self svidade about the middle of the number from a pink, slinky fringe dress a rhinestone creations with wings that can be compared with others Victoria’s Secret.

Chris Lindarws costume changes

Although they hit the big drum says Christer Lindarw that it is money they earn fast again.

– No god, that I record so quickly. Around 400 million, that we fix on a flick.

Even before the after the artist had changed clothes. In a black dress, he promised to “Come out like a star” Once located on the Swedish charts.

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gina dirawi flower-filled

Even gina dirawi hit on multiple costume changes, and she was not content with magnificent dresses – in her hair, she had blue and white flowers. Something medprogramledaren Henry Schyffert matched with similar bouquet in his lapel.

Even Schyffert implemented costume changes, if somewhat more modest, when he went from red to black suit during the broadcast.

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When gina dirawi first accepted the job as the host of the Eurovision Song Contest, she had only a requirement on national television, she has previously told.

– I just said I wanted crap beautiful dresses, I just “I do not want bootlegklänningar”. People should check out each program and just – wow, what is she wearing? Another requirement had been that I want to do that with Edward af Sillen and Daniel Rehn, but they’re supposed to do it. So it was sort it, the dresses, she said then.

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