Saturday, February 20, 2016

Morran and Tobias’ house has burned down – Aftonbladet

Bubbis, it draaar!

Actually, more than ever.

The house where the Swedish Television’s popular series “Morran and Tobias” was filmed here burned down in the night.

– There is not much left of the building, says Patrick Johansson at Södertörn Fire Department.

Things do not work here!

it’s certainly not the first time the phrase uttered in connection with Morran and Tobias south of Stockholm.

But it has never been as intrusive true now.

the abandoned villa burned down namely Friday night.

– When we arrived the upstairs of the house was completely in flames. We got to focus on preventing the fire from spreading to other buildings in the area, said Patrick Johansson, chief operating officer at Södertörn Fire Prevention Association.

– There is not much left of the building.

Started in the car

the alarm came in 0:38 in the night.

– We got it as a vehicle fire. When we got there so burned it in both house of and a car that was standing next to, says Patrick Johansson.

According to him, the fire probably started in the car, and then spread to the house.

– There may of course be landscaped, but it can also be due to a technical fault on the car or anything else. The police may investigate.

No person shall have been injured in the blaze.

– We basically dismantled the operation now. One unit is still there and working with the extinguishing.

Police have cordoned off the site, but it is currently unclear whether any criminal investigation will be initiated.

Premiere 2014

Comedy series about the dysfunctional mini family, with Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson in the roles, premiered on national TV in 2014. the house mother Morran and his son Tobias lives in has a central role in story.

In June last year added a real estate agency out a fake ad for the house. With phrases such as “Renovation Dream in the National Romantic style? Spa, sauna and want haaa-esteem. Generously proportioned surfaces where cross track fit. Possibility of self, ecological, electricity supply, where new 4th gets old 9th grade and lukewarm heat promised, “became a viral ad success.

” Morran and Tobias “quickly gained cult status. Some fans have such a strong relationship to the series that has made it out to the house to steal the interior.

– It has become fashionable to go there and pluck out the cabinets, I do not think it there is nothing left. I know that the house was nailed again but it was torn up again, Johan Rheborg previously said to Aftonbladet.

New season – and the feature film

There are advanced plans for a second season of hit series. In addition, the bizarre duo take silver screen. It was earlier in February that Aftonbladet could reveal movie plans. Filming should start in March.

– We hope for really messy and suitable weather, said Robert Gustafsson then.

Which house Morran and Tobias will take when is unclear. But it will hopefully prove soon.
It’s as familiar a day in the morning too.


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