Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Therefore, Danny not to Mello with Molly – Expressen

The love couple have written “YOUniverse” together.

Despite this, Danny Saucedo has deliberately chosen to keep a low profile during the Eurovision Song Contest.

The singer will not be in place in Gävle to see his girlfriend Molly Sanden occur on Saturday.

on Saturday it’s time for the fourth round of the Eurovision Song Contest, who this time held in Gavle.

Among the artists appearing are Panetoz, Linda Bengtzing and Martin Stenmarck. Additionally occurs Molly Sanden with “YOUniverse,” a song she wrote with producer John Alexis and her boyfriend Danny Saucedo.

But despite the love the couple wrote the song together, Danny Saucedo kept a low profile during the Eurovision Song Contest. Now he explains why.

– I have chosen to keep me very far beyond everything. I only see Molly come and take in the morning to their ropes and interviews. But it will be fun, I have seen the races and it’s been great, he says, and continues:

– It’s great work from all involved.

It feels like it should be mightily to win with a song they wrote together with his partner?

– Yes, if that’s a word you want to use, powerful absolute. Of course I hope it goes svinbra Molly.

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But despite coming Danny Saucedo not be there on Saturday to support his girlfriend.

– no, unfortunately, I’m working. But I’ll try to look at it.

Molly Sanden has previously told how much “YOUniverse” means to her.

– I’ve been at it for myself because I like to write songs that have heavy message and where I convey something that I think is important. Especially in this kind of context when it reaches as wide.

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what is “YOUniverse” for the message?

– It reminds us that we are all people from the same thing. We have the same basic needs and we all need love. We have begun to turn us against each other, egos are increasingly part of our lives and we separate ourselves from each other.

– This is a reminder that we should be nice to each other. We only have this planet also that we must take care of.

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