Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tagged bunch of “Eternal Glory” – Sydsvenskan

– I started löpträna when I decided to set up. Enough, I went down eight, nine kilos. There’s a number of millions that watch, I did not make a fool of myself too much, anyway, he says.

– When I finished with hockey, I had a hard time motivating myself to train. I have no trouble gaining weight, more trouble to go down.

Competition instinct awoke to lives at the unexpected competition features – although it was difficult to prepare for the unknown.

Peter Forsberg.

Photo: Andreas L Eriksson / photo agency

– The most frustrating thing was that not told about those areas we would do before we arrived. I wanted to prepare myself. Every race is important, three would go out, then even want to know what kind of competition.

Peter Forsberg had his partner Nicole, and the couple’s two children with them during filming.

– this time it suited well the calendar. Nicole was the pregnant, but there was nothing we knew about, says Forsberg with a smile.

Even armwrestler Heidi Andersson and biathlete Björn Ferry is with and does battle – which will be the first married couple in the ‘Masters’ master’ history.

– it’s flattering to be involved. I thought first that it was a new concept when it wanted with a couple, says Heidi Andersson.

Heidi Andersson and Bjorn Ferry.

Photo: Andreas L Eriksson / photo agency

the program is divided participants into two sexlagsgrupper, who on the way to the finals decreases so that only three advancing from each group.

– we would rather that we would be in different groups. But it did not want to SVT.

But the conjugal Community was still together well in the sport celebration party.

– Heidi’s explosive, strong and can climb and all that. I’m stiff as an iron stick, but must be other qualities, said Bjorn Ferry.

– Yes, stamina – and sharp mind, fills Heidi Andersson in her husband’s satisfaction.


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