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SEBBE STAXX defects cartel – Expressen

Sebastian “SEBBE STAXX” Stakset jumps of the controversial hip-hop group The cartel.

Instead, the rapper devote himself to his family and his newfound faith. It reports SVT.

– I’ll do what it takes to my faith to work, he says in the documentary “The cartel – light up the shadows.”

on Saturday SVT documentary” the cartel – light up the shadows, “which is about the controversial hip-hop group the cartel.

Now, reports SVT that the group’s frontman, Sebastian Stakset, better known as SEBBE STAXX , leaving the band.

It tells us himself in the documentary. “Final submissions”, to be released later this spring, will be Sebastian Stakset last disc with the cartel.

– I have decided that this is the last album that I record in the cartel. I have not the hatred needed to confrontation cartel. So I do what is necessary now to my faith to work, says Sebastian Stakset in the documentary.

Earlier, even Janne Babyface, Kaka and Machinist members of the cartel but at the moment the band consists solely of SEBBE STAXX and Leo Carmona, better known as Chinese.

Thus cartel looks set to be closed.

Sebastian Stakset will continue to make music with Leo Carmona. The music will not be the focus in Sebastian Staksets life as it did before.

Instead, he, among other things, devote themselves to their Christian faith.

– Things in me The changed greatly. So extreme. Everything’s totally different. I’ve got a new identity today. I am a Christian man above all. I am a father and a husband. That is what I am.

– Rapper, it comes far down on my list. It is not the top, not even top five. You can not keep on rapping whole life, it works of course not, he says in the documentary, according to SVT.

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“the cartel – light up the shadows” is about the cartel tumultuous career.

– this is a story that is a bit like a Greek drama. It’s almost too good to be able to be true as a documentary. A feature film had felt too overloaded with this story, but the reality save it, says director Thomas Jackson to SVT.

He describes the recording as “very chaotic” and also says that Sebastian stakset disappeared for long periods and could not to get your hands on.

– well, that was part of the process that he went through, whether he could continue to fronta cartel. It is a polemical bands, it is a political band and there has been much controversy around them, said Thomas Jackson.

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the documentary tells Sebastian Stakset that he AAR tired of the publicity and having to answer for things in public.

Sebastian Stakset include convicted of assault against the Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

He has also been convicted of drug offenses and possession of firearms.

the cartel has also been criticized for the extreme left group Revolutionary front was in one of their videos.

this connection was stopped including a gig that the band would carry on Peace & amp; Love festival.

The cartel was formed in a Finnish prison by Chinese and Janny Babyface both serving life sentence for accessory to murder in Finland.

“The cartel – light up the shadows”, broadcast on Saturday at 21:10 in SVT2.

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