Thursday, February 18, 2016

Swingflu threatens Swingflys show: “I threw up in the night” – Aftonbladet

Norrköping. Swingflu.

A persistent flu threatens Swingflys comeback in Melodifestivalen – during the night throwing up artist.

– the disease affects, I can not breathe, he says to Aftonbladet.

he went straight to the finals last time in 2011.

Swingfly is now back in Melodifestivalen it with Helena Gutarra from “the Voice” and a song written by giants Jocke Åhlund and Kleerup . But a cold threatens the show on Saturday.

– I have a cold, the flu, I got it yesterday. It will affect the I can not breathe. To cope with vocal technique, I must be able to breathe, he told Aftonbladet yesterday.

vomited during the night

At night it became then worse in the artistic hotel in central Norrköping.

– I threw up during the night, I’m dizzy yet. So I’ll go home and take it easy for the party tonight.

During Thursday’s rehearsal coughed he sounded noticeably ravaged voice.

– I held back for neck and vocal clarity. If I’m still sick on Saturday, I run hard anyway.

Now, he puts his hopes on steroid tablets.

– I have to take it easy and I’ll meet up with someone named Johan who have tablets. It is business as this, I will resolve, it will go well.

Lindarw take precautions

Scene Partner Helena Gutarra is not worried about becoming infected.

– No. I myself have just stepped out of the flu and feel great. But it does not hurt to boost the immune system, I drink a lot of water with lemon and ginger.

While preppar the other artists to not be sick for Saturday’s show. Oscar Zia betting on “hand spirits and distance,” while Christer Lindarw puts hope to the preparations.

– I have Berocca, vitamin C, gargle with something, there is something to spray the neck to the bacteria do not get caught. It becomes like a film, where the bacteria can not attach to say. It seems very good. You have to believe in it.

During rehearsals necked Lisa Ajax out a honey bottle.

– I take it prevention. I feel great hope I do not become infected. Honey I drive always face any gig, it soothes the throat, she says to Aftonbladet.

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