Thursday, February 18, 2016

Swingfly set municipality party – Express

Swingfly have the flu and threw up in his hotel room the night of Thursday.

Now he sets municipal party – and get medical attention.

– It has been a doctor there today. He has received cortisone for voice and other stuff, I do not know what, says Helena Gutarra.

On Thursday’s rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, it was a real chaos the duo Swingfly and Helena Gutarra – including lost Swingfly lost.

Swingfly told me afterwards that he suffered from colds flu, and that he was the night of Thursday, threw up in the hotel room.

– I have flu, it’s from my son. Hopefully it is good on Sunday. I’ll eat ginger, tea and lemon to be fine, ‘he said then.

And now sets Swingfly in the municipality of the party.

– He’s resting up at the hotel for tomorrow, says Tove Alexandersson, press officer.

the artist has also received medical care during the day.

– It has been a doctor there today. He has received cortisone for voice and other stuff, I do not know what. He’s resting up in the room, says Helena Gutarra.

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Destroyed SVT scene during rehearsal

During the chaotic repeated on Thursday destroyed the duo SVT scene, which, according to Helena Gutarra costs 25 000.

A cost that the artists refuse to stand for.

– Haha, no, not me anyway. They have ordered new, first they said it would take a week, but it dissolves, said Helena Gutarra after rehearsal.

Sweden hosted the ESC

In addition Swingfly and Helena Gutarra also competing Saraha, Smilo, After Dark, Lisa Ajax, Boris René and Oscar Zia in Melodifestivalen in Norrköping.

and in May, Sweden is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

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ESC change voting rules

as late as the day came to a press release from EBU on changing the voting rules.

It is the biggest change in the rules since 1975.

the way the points presented will be changed properly and begins with jury groups presenter from the 43 countries of the picture parts of her points from 1-10. Tolvan will in turn be presented orally.

When the jury results of the groups presented the program leaders to do interviews with the artists who are at the top. Since the program goes on to viewers’ results.

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