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Molly on terror: “Was absolutely terrible” – Expressen

Molly Sanden and Daniel Saucedo climbed Kilimanjaro together – now she talks about her unpleasant night experience on the mountain.

Because of her diabetes, she could barely move.

– You feel a hangover of that height and I had a nosebleed for a week, says Molly Sanden in the living pulse.

Molly Sanden and Danny Saucedo has not only entered Melodifestivalen contribution “YOUniverse” together. Recently, the couple also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The aim was to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation. To climb Kilimanjaro, which is 5892 meters high, it takes almost a week.

“Living Pulse” Expressen television is now shown a clip from the mountain top and which tells Danny Saucedo and Molly Sanden on the feeling of having climbed Africa’s highest mountain.

– I’m right away if I’ll be honest. It’s great fun to get to do this but never Kilimanjaro, says Molly Sanden.

– You get more power up here too but it is over, fill Danny Saucedo in.

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In an interview with Expressen told Molly Sanden recently about what it was like to climb Kilimanjaro.

– it was absolutely terrible , ha ha. It was so damn tough. It was ten times worse than I thought. I thought so many times “what am I doing here”. But when there is little time will be most remembered what was good.

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Molly Sanden has diabetes, which affected the climb. Particular, it is an unpleasant episode, she remembers.

– It was a little scary at first, actually. It was one morning when I woke up with too little blood sugar. When it happens during the night, I always wake up on the mountain but so upset everything. I had nosebleeds for a week, it has constantly sore head and a little nauseated, she says and continues:

– You feel kind of hangover that height. So I was awakened one morning and had a very low blood count. Then I was right afraid it took really long time before sugar went up again. It was 20 minutes when I could barely move. It was uncomfortable. After that I set the clocks in the middle of the night and get up and eat.

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