Friday, February 19, 2016

Laurie Andersson commute between the banal and wonderful – Sveriges Radio

There’s something about Laurie Andersson’s voice. As soon as I hear it I think: There it is, the voice that has met me soo many times, the voice that can not resist that has a peculiar scrubbed clean naive, but at the same deep sonorous tone. “This is my dream body,” says Laurie Anderson of the film’s first scene, and the only animated, and in this dream body she is in a hospital and is just about to give birth and when she is delivered to the doctor and say

– Congratulations, it was a girl.

But not just any girl anywhere. Laurie Andersson has given birth to a dog, it turns out that it is her own beloved Lola Belle, a rat terrier, an American breed that looks a bit like a Jack Russell with larger ears. Lola Belle died five years ago, her husband Lou Reed three years ago, and Laurie Andersson has turned against all attempts to interpret this as even though it åtminstoen 20% is about death, it would be a way to work or to say farewell to Lou Reed.

Love is also like a thread through the seemingly random stories Larie Andersson share, accompanied by beautiful pictures that sometimes are blurry pieces out there Anderssonska supply of Super 8 films from her own childhood, images get a peculiar magical glow when treated to just being almost completely and clearly visible, other images are archival images from .. well everything .. or images similar sixty – and seventies play with color and form in electronics childhood .. it’s beautiful and evocative and so death will again this gåmngen is Laurie Andersson’s own mother’s death.

Yes, what’s this movie anyway? At one point, I feel: No, it is not well banal? All of these simple truths about everything from increased surveillance after September 11 to the so Manhattanska quarters for dog trainer, meditation teacher and Buddhist lamas taking part in funerals and talk about the Tibetan Book of the Dead. All served in this irresistible form. The irresistible? Yes, I admit, it is mostly irresistible.

The Heart of a dog contains pieces you can tease on but, in fact, too many sequences to love.

But then I thought I. Irresistible. Here are bits of all, both teasing on and actually – love .

Gunnar Bolin


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