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Brazilian class differences depicted without sharpness – Swedish Dagbladet

Regina Case and Camila Márdila in “the other mother.” Photo: People bio

Anna Muylaert
Regina Case, Michel Joelsas, Camila Márdila, Karine Teles
1 h 52 min

From 15 years

The central scene Anna Muylaerts “the other mother” takes place in front of a swimming pool in a garden. Domestic Election (CASE) explains to his teenage daughter that she can not even dip a toe in the water. “Do not think about the idea,” says Val and recharges the basin as another Chekhov rifle.

The basin is the symbolic threshold that must be crossed in this Brazilian class drama with the feel-good twist, where domestic rules are as clear as vague depending on which side you stand. Elections have for decades worked for TV personality Barbara (Teles) and her husband, former artist Carlos (Mutarelli) who sleeps most of the day. She has raised their spoiled hashish smoking teenage son Fabinho (Joelsas) who is her eye. Then one day arrive Rolled own daughter from the provinces. The smart and ambitious – and ahead of the class totally disrespectful – Jessica (Márdila) with the mother’s income but not her love. Now Jessica to make the entrance exams to the architectural studies and remain with the mother in the luxury villa.

It is understood Tin Men, and it is also what the “other mother” consists of. A hand scenes of comic nature, with easy class biting criticism. So very much to the “drama” is not: everyone’s roles are given from the beginning – the Brazilian superstar Regina Case fills his with care and charm so it is enough for the whole film – and what Muylaert think about and wish with each one of them is as clear as daylight.

You get to sit back and be entertained by the social interaction the deceptive sweetness and saltiness when it comes to light. But their bitterest rash (sexual harassment especially) glossed over the crazy-fast. The worst is the film ended, as it shed throughout history premise. On the other hand, it is exactly the kind of cheap sweetener that make films of this type easier to swallow – and happy to deliver the “audience favorite” awards as “The other mother” has won a handful of. So it’s not guns that goes by without basins to druttar in.


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