Friday, February 26, 2016

Artist rage against Grammy – was introduced as a fisherman – Metro

Pernilla Andersson would present the nominees in the category producer at the Grammy Awards on Wednesday afternoon. When she stepped onto the stage, she got herself a presentation:

“Fishermen, Grammy nominated, a student at the Royal College of Music, a student at the Academy of Ballet, the Eurovision Song Contest participants”.

On his Instagramkonto roars she is now away the gala and presentation.

“It was important to introduce myself as a fisherman (?!), song contest participants and a student at the Academy of Ballet (a few months -93) than Sweden’s first female producer (2002, Capitol) or the only woman with producer price by George Martin, “she writes, among other things in the post.

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Pernilla Andersson is also critical that went into the song “come togheter” by the Beatles, instead of one of her own songs and she will boycott the Grammy Awards continue to be employed.

“When most performers went in to his own music so could Grammy apparently did not find a single song in my soon to be 17 year career that was good enough to go in to. so I had to go to Come Together by the Beatles. (Good song but then …). Incredibly reduced. And yes. I’m sorry. I will not go to the Grammy back. “She writes on the post.

During the ceremony took Pernilla Andersson also highlight the male dominance that was clearly in the category this year producer by saying” The nominees for the men of the year producer category is … “which drew both applause and cheers.

Neither the IFPI, which organizes the Grammy, or Pernilla Andersson want to comment on the incident further.

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