Saturday, February 13, 2016

Police investigating the murder after large fraction of accommodation for asylum seekers – Dalarna Newspapers

REVISITED: One person killed in Ljusne – so our live broadcast in retrospect here

The alarm to the police must be received clock at 15 o’clock on Saturday.

– When police arrived, one can conclude that it is a fight that degenerated, and in connection with it, a person should be dead and three injured. The injured are brought to Hudiksvall Hospital, but they shall not have life-threatening injuries. The deceased died on way to hospital, said Christer Nordström, police spokesman.

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According to Christer Nordström should those involved be asylum seekers living in the area, and there should not be any indications that someone from outside should be involved in the fight.

Police cordoned off a large area in Ljusne. A larger police force searched the area inside the barricades, and police technicians worked on Saturday to secure the track. According to data during the evening to be the murder weapon have been found.

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Our reporter on the spot reported that residents in the area have been evacuated and police at the site working to search the residence.

There were people in an apartment as police tried to talk to, but because they did not open for the police it was a while talk of the police to carry out any form of assault or intrusion.

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the police spokesman confirmed that the task force was in place and that the police officers were equipped with weapons, but said they were not any threat.

Still, at 21 o’clock in the evening were several policemen on the spot.

Shortly after 22 o’clock, the police released three people out of the house, and at least one of them should have been handcuffed.

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