Thursday, February 25, 2016

They became Grammy Gala big winners – Göteborgs-Posten

Nothing grand slam for anyone but Amazon and Silvana Imam were the big winners at the Grammy Awards when they took home the prize for Album of the Year and Artist of the Year.

Super Group Amazon, with the current album Amanda Bergman in the lead, was nominated in five categories and Seinabo Sey four, but it ended up that they got a prize each. Seinabo Sey tricks statuette in the category of this year’s pop and Amasons debut album Sky City was praised for album of the year.

– I still think you can not compete in music. But all this has worked so hard all their lives that everyone is a winner. It is fantastic to receive recognition because everyone here is so good. So I’m proud. But there is no contest, says Seinabo Sey said.

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Silvana Imam took home the award for Artist of the Year. The colleagues in the hip hop collective, RHM was a favorite in the replay after the P3 Gold and gave Imam very much love.

– Without RMH, no Grammy Gala. We had thirteen nominations tonight. We are the best. But we are the best, even if we do not win because it is so incredibly nice people, says Silvana Imam who was also pleased that so many young and new artists received the award during the gala.

– Out with the old and in with the old. Except when I get old of course.

The rapper also gave a speech of thanks in which she mixed Swedish with Lithuanian and Arabic – two languages ​​that are linked to her parents’ origin.

– There are so here it feels for all who come here from other countries, says Imam said.

Erik Lundin was the only one who won more than one prize, which he won in both categories this year’s hip-hop / soul and this year’s lyricist.

– It means a lot to me to get the right text authoring price. I’m here because I like to put words to things, but this is hard to put into words. There is a political dimension here as well as hip hop do not usually get to this place, he says.

Galan most surprised winner was Danny Saucedo, whose song Die for You Got the Year song. It is the only price that the Swedish people will decide.

– When you scroll through the songs that are to see that it is very tough competition. All songs were nominated’s good. I thought that I would win, I was glad that I got to behave, says Danny Saucedo Aftonbladet.

Fact: Grammy Winner 2016

Artist of the Year : Silvana Imam

This year’s album: Amazon: “Sky City”

This year’s song: Danny Saucedo: “Die for you”

newcomer of the year: Sabina Ddumba

This year pop: Seinabo Sey

This year’s hip-hop / soul: Erik Lundin

This year’s hard rock / metal: Ghost

Best rock: Deportees

This year’s lyricist: Erik Lundin

This year’s composer: Peter Svensson

This year’s music video: Joanna Nordahl

This year’s producer: NISJ

This year’s jazz: Oddjobb

This year’s classic: the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sakari Oramo, Zinman, Salonen.

This year’s electro / dance: HNNY

This year’s children’s album: Nina Persson: “What if …”

This year’s dance: Hasse Andersson |

This year’s folk / show: Anders Jormin, Lena Will Mark and Karin Nakagawa.

This year’s honorary award: Max Martin


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