Sunday, February 21, 2016

Christer Lindarw: ‘Dangerous for Melodifestivalen future “- Aftonbladet

Norrköping. Christer Lindarw bet big with a show for 400,000.

But he came last. Now he criticizes the voting system.

– I think it can be dangerous for Melodifestivalen future, he said.

Christer Lindarw, 62 , invested heavily out of pocket.

the show to “Come out like a star” cost 400,000, but flopped and came last in the semi final. Afterwards Lindarw baffled.

– I was a little småsur when we went on to the five. There must admit. The first five, I thought, anyway, he says.

He suspected even before their older fans would not vote as many times as the younger viewers.

– We have probably just as large audience, but older people who do not know how to download an app. Our audience is 40 plus and vote again, since they think that they have done their part.

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are supported by Bjorkman

Now, he says that SVT’s röstningsapp can threaten the entire competition.

– I think it might be dangerous for Melodifestivalen future if röstningssystmet youth based. Then maybe not popular song goes home the same way anymore. It can be a negative thing, this ends up as an “Idol” competition.

At the after party, he talked intimately with SVT pop General Christer Björkman , 58, who gave its support.

– this year there is a very clear tendency to modern pop songs, fat hit songs with dance beats on the bottom, moving on. It’s good and fun for the competition but in a way it can become boring if it gets too narrow, he says.

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Hailed by Idol winner

Bjorkman waits for the next week’s contest to get clarity.

– It would have been interesting to compare to Anna Book song that is closely related, but it disappeared after the race. We have to wait and see how it goes for Linda Bengtzing next week to see if it is a trend that these songs do not collect enough large audience anymore, or if it’s a coincidence.

“Idol” -vinnaren Lisa Ajax went straight to the finals but acclaimed After Dark afterwards.

– I loved their number, I think he is cruel. I do not know why they came in last, you do not know how people think and feel.

Markus Larsson after dräpartalet “Henry Schyffert – which babe …”

“must have more reasons”

Even before the race said Christer Lindarw that it is the last time they compete in the contest. Now he says it again.

– This is just a spectacle, we have received show an After Dark song for four million viewers. It’s great advertising for our show at Rondo in the autumn, I was the hottest on the scene, he said.

Christer Björkman press the importance of the narrower acts thinks an extra lap before taking part in the competition.

– In the end, only one can win, so you have to have more reasons to be with than just winning.

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