Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mello favorite Oscar Zia on coming out: “For me it’s not a big deal” – Dalarna Newspapers

It has gone quickly for Oscar Zia. He became a name by TV4′s “The X Factor” in 2012, participated in the contest along with Behrang 2013, returned as a solo artist in 2014 and tricks eighth place in the final.

In between had time Oscar Zia with what that meant his real breakthrough in front of a larger audience when he came second in the “Let’s dance”.

– I did so much that was not music. Sometimes I think I started backwards. First of all television programs and the music. At the same time, I am incredibly happy and proud, because without the TV programs I would not be able to do what I do today, says Oscar Zia.

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an eighth place in the contest counts for most artists as a success, but the Oscar Zia took the final week 2014 hard.

– I felt so much pressure, and the snack was that I was favorite so I was quite cracked the week.

After the competition followed a tour with “Diggiloo”, but then came to a stop. Oscar Zia decided to leave the music and take the student. When he returns to the Eurovision Song Contest, the song “Human”, a ballad he co-authored with Victor Thell and Mary Smith.

– I have matured, both as a person and in the music. I wanted to start writing myself, and I’ve done that now. I’m in Melodifestivalen again is very much about it is my own song. The song is a starting point, says Oscar Zia.

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“Human” is under Zia about why people split up into different compartments , about what actually constitutes a human being. Thoughts that he wrestled with during his break from music.

Just a few weeks prior to his participation in Melodifestivalen third race he chose to come out and talk about his homosexuality in Clara Henry Youtube podcasts.

– For me it’s not a big deal, and I do not want it to have to be a big deal. But because I am a public person so it will still be there, says Oscar Zia and continues:

– It had started everyone talking about me in the industry and I wanted to go out and tell my story in my own way. If I can help anyone in any way, I want to do it. You know the kind 17-year-olds in high school. People asked me “are you gay or are you a virgin.” Well, what do you say?

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