Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lindarw: “Molly Sandén should be washed” – Express

SVT special treatment Molly Sanden.

It believes Christer Lindarw, now raging against the crisis in the contest.

– Actually, she should have been washed just Anna Book, he says to Aftonbladet.

on Monday, it published a 30-second clip from “YOUniverse,” Molly Sanden contributions in the contest online, which contrary to SVT’s rules.

SVT has chosen not to disqualify Molly Sanden, although Anna Book recently was disqualified when it was revealed that her song published in Moldova.

Instead, chose SVT to one day publish 30 seconds of all the songs that will be included in next week’s race.

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in a interview with Aftonbladet raging now Christer Lindarw, competing with the song “Come out like a star” in this week’s race in Norrkoping on SVT’s crisis management. He believes that although this week’s songs should be published.

– There one can find in that they release next week’s songs but then on the other hand, those who competed in the weeks before to think that they did not get the same chance . There is no justice, he says to Aftonbladet.

Christer Lindarw believe that Molly Sanden is treated differently by SVT.

– They want obviously keep her, really, she should have been washed just Anna Book. But then they made this compromise.

At the same time think Christer Lindarw that SVT will be forced to remove its rule that songs previously published did not get to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.

– I think it is strange that it does not leak more songs. They will find it difficult to maintain this policy. I think they must think it through there, either to songs not to have spread beyond the record company’s walls, or that everything is released at the same time after the press conference. I do not think it would play any role in the contest indeed.

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In an interview with Expressen Christer Björkman declared SVT’s decision as follows:

– it is very clear to us is that this is a third point, this is not something that the artist does to create recovery ahead song, an advantage in the competition. It is not what is done. Therefore, it will not affect the song’s presence in the competition.


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