Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oscar Zia: “I dare to pick up more now” – Aftonbladet

Norrköping . Oscar Zia came out – and was met by a störtvåg of love.

But he must not be more more ragg from guys than before.

– It’s rather me who dare to pick up more, laughter .

two weeks ago, he came out.

the reactions were effusive in social media and personal letters have Oscar Zia , 19, met lots of love.

Christer Lindarw , 62, artist legend who meets him in Melodifestivalen semifinal in Norrköping on Saturday with the song “Come out as a star “hailed him immediately as brave.

– I wrote” respect and love “to him, I think it’s brave of you. Many today believe that it is so very obvious to come out. If you are 19 years old are not everything so damn obvious.

Oscar Zia will be happy when he hears the words.

– I’m not too familiar with LGBT world, but it does of course very much that a person Christer writes fine words. He knows what he’s talking about and his words heats.

“Like stepping into a new world”

Shortly after he came out, he went on QX Gaygala and noticed the aid even there.

– I was absolutely heavily backed and courted. I had great fun and many came up and said a lot of nice things. This is new for me, as I step into a new world. But it is amazing and I have fun shit. People are keen to accompany me, “so this is how it works, and so it will not work”, laughs.

More calls and woolen than before?

– No I do not think so. It’s probably so, I dare pick up more.

Are you seeing anyone now?

– No.

Oscar Zia praised for its decision “I am very moved and happy”

“Hope song can help people”

Richard Wolff , 57, received an honorary award at the gala celebrated even he Zia.

– It was great that he mentioned me, says Zia.

And on Saturday, song redeemed the entire trip. “Human” that you should get to be who you are, which he wrote with the duo Victor Thell and Maria Smith in April.

– For me is the important on a personal level. I hope it can help people. I want it to be more hopeful than depressing, says Oscar Zia.

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