Monday, February 15, 2016

Alicia heavy outfit: “It weighs like 15 kilo” – Expressen

Alicia Vikander have double chances of winning the BAFTA gala tonight.

When she arrived at the red carpet in London outshone her in a very unusual dress.

– it’s heavy, it weighs like 15 kilos, it’s like a workout, she says Reuters.

2015 was the year when Alicia Vikander , 27, was the name on everyone’s lips. During the year saw the actor including the acclaimed “Ex Machina”, “The Man From UNCLE,” “Burnt” and “The Danish Girl”.

In addition, she made the narration of the documentary on Ingrid Bergman.

at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles was the Swedish Alicia Vikander twice nominated for roles in “the Danish girl” and “Ex machina”.

Can leave BAFTA with two statuettes

Tonight assigned British film industry greatest prize BAFTA in London, and is again Vikander double nominated. Just like the Golden Globe is it about Best Actress for “The Danish Girl” and Best Supporting Actress for “Ex Machina”.

– I’m incredibly happy to be here tonight, says Alicia Vikander to Reuters on the red carpet.

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Double nominations, she had not even dared to dream of a few years ago.

– I was here when I made my first international film five years ago. It was a great moment. So it’s great to be here tonight.

Alicia Vikander looking forward to spending time with colleagues from both the “Ex Machina” and “The Danish Girl”.

– This is a chance to reunite, I get to meet all my friends and colleagues there and hopefully there will be time to party a little.

as recently as January, she took home the award for Best Supporting Actress at SAG Awards in Los Angeles. They defeated competitors in the category at the Screen Actors Guild Awards was none other than Rachel McAdams, 37, Kate Winslet, 40, Rooney Mara, 30, and Helen Mirren, 70th

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Alicia Vikander: “I want to thank you”

In his acceptance speech, she mentioned when his mother as a source of inspiration.

– Honestly, this is the highest form of honor. Just to be asked to dance on stage. Thank you, she said, and continued:

– I loved to watch her rehearse and I love to see her perform. I saw the excitement, exchange and friendship between the actors.

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