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SVT forced to change after låtläckan – Expressen

SVT forced to change after Molly Sanden contribution in Melodifestivalen leaked online.

Now, all the songs from round four will be played for 30 seconds, says Christer Björkman .

– What we will do is we will add 30 seconds of all seven grants in round four, starting at 17 today, so it will be in one day, he says.

it was on Monday that it was discovered that a 30-second clip of Molly Sanden song “YOUniverse,” which she will compete in the Eurovision song Contest on 27 February, had been published online in advance.

This despite the fact that SVT’s rules argue that subsidies that compete in Melodifestivalen not be played before then that the artists performed his song on the air.

SVT forced change layup

now change SVT layup – and all the songs participating in the Eurovision song contest in round four will be played.

– What we will do is we will add 30 seconds of all seven grants in round four, starting at 17 today, so it will be in one day, and it is to then neutralize any advantage that this very limited distribution may have had, says Christer Björkman.

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Molly Sanden washed not

Christer Björkman says that what happened is neither Molly Sanden or record company’s fault.

– this has happened before. It is so that there is a routine and practices regarding all releases, that is to upload a preview that you can listen to before you decide to buy a song, and this is sent automatically from all record labels around two weeks before the release. For it to be time to code and get it out in time on the platforms, with very clear specifications when the release date is. There is nothing strange, and it wont work. In a few cases, it does not work, and it is almost exclusively when it comes to sites outside the Nordic region, which is the one person careless or missing information, said Christer Bjorkman and continues:

– It is very clear to us is that this is a third point, this is not something that the artist does to create profit for the song, an advantage in the competition. It is not what is done. Therefore, it will not affect the song’s presence in the competition.

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Christer Björkman: “Have researched”

SVT will also investigate how many people heard Molly Sanden song after it is published on the web.

– We have researched it and waiting for a response on that, and get answers to the within half an hour from now, says Christer Björkman.

Do not move about fouls

He believes that it does not involve any violations, because Molly Sanden and those working with her before the Eurovision Song Contest had nothing to do with the release.

– I can not see that there are some advantages to this at all. It is not an offense, they have not done wrong. That’s what you need to make a difference on. It’s not one of those who work with her, who made an error, they have done exactly right, says Christer Björkman.

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the clip of Molly Sanden contributions were quickly removed from the grid, and earlier on Tuesday sent the record company Sony Music issued a press release on the occasion of the event.

“Last night it came to Sony Music and SVT aware that 30 seconds of the song contest allowance;” YOUniverse “has been available for a short time on a few foreign digital platforms. of course, we are appalled by this violation. When the discovery was made was the clip down immediately. Neither artist or record companies contributed to the temporary leak “, it was including in the press release.

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