Saturday, February 27, 2016

The tickets sold out in two hours – Göteborgs-Posten

At 09.00 on Thursday released the tickets for the first concert. They are now out – and also on the concert number two when the boss comes to Ullevi.

– Now all tickets been booked, says Kristoffer Åkesson on Live Nation to GC.

Not surprisingly, it was high pressure tickets to Springsteen’s concert which was released at 09.00 on Thursday. While the first reports began to fall into that tickets were sold out, organizers Live Nation announced that there would be an extra concert in the summer, on 27 June. But after a total of two hours was also the concert sold out.

– Now all tickets been booked, says Kristofer Akesson, public relations and communications manager at Live Nation to GP at half past eleven o’clock on Thursday.

Many people who tried to get tickets through TicketMaster now directs strong criticism of ticket vendor. On Ticnet Facebook page writes disappointed fans that they think the system has been unclear, and it is strange that extra concert on June 27th was not presented before.

– I understand that one asks the question, but it was only a concert that was booked and confirmed. A second concert was a only an option if the outcome was good after the first release, says Kristofer Akesson.

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But if you belong to those who not received ticket in the day so it does not mean that it is totally run:

– we have now released the tickets that we have, and that guarantees a good concert experience. But it is not impossible that there will be less drop along the way, says Kristofer Akesson, who despite criticism is glad the two sold-out concerts:

– There are two lovely summer evenings on the Ullevi stadium full of Bruce fans .

the question now is if the boss can beat Håkan Hellström’s attendance records from the summer of 2014, it went just over 69,000 in concert.

75,000 concert-goers will be able to accommodate at Ullevi.


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