Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Marika Carlsson with a new stand-up show – Västerbotten Courier

The comedian Marika Carlsson sets up a new stand-up show in the fall. In the show, “I am God”, the audience will follow the comedian’s journey from “religious fanatic to an independent and free woman.”

Marika Carlsson has previously starred in including TV4′s “Parliament” and SVT ” Intresseklubben “and has his own radio talk show,” Marika P4 “in Swedish radio.

2006 and 2012, she was named to this year’s female comedian in Swedish standup gala.

” I am God ” premieres november 10 at Skandia scene in Stockholm.

Tour schedule: 10-12 / 11 17-19 / 11 24-26 / 11 Stockholm, 2-3 / 12 Gothenburg, 16-17 / 12 Malmo.


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