Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wassberg ready for “Let’s Dance” – Aftonbladet

Four Olympic gold medals and three World Championship gold medals.

Now Thomas Wassberg try dancing home a new price. He is ready for the “Let’s Dance”.

– Glass shoe is so far away now that I have no thoughts on, he says in TV4′s “News Morning”.

Even Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso is ready for the program.

a shy and reticent ski hero with a winner’s like no other – it seems TV4′s recipes to create hype around “Let’s dance”. Last year, the Ingemar Stenmark , who danced into the Swedish people’s hearts.

Reaching remains to be seen if Thomas Wassberg, 59, can repeat slalom king feat .

He took the decision after several months of persuasion, and has started with training.

But the question is whether it is going as well.

Do you like to dance, Thomas?

– I do not know, he says in the “News Morning”.

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Will fill Stenmark dancing shoes

the four-time Olympic gold medalist hailed as very persistent and have strong feet of dance partner Malin Watson, but she looks a big problem.

– We have to work off the ski posture and straighten out back, she says.

Thomas Wassberg must also be asked about his previous dance experience.

– There has been no Styrdans or disco or something såndant there, he says.

An Wahlgren Ingrosso will be

Even Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso will be in the contest.

“I’m so excited and this will be so damn fun !!” she wrote on her blog.

Earlier, her brother Benjamin, Pernilla mother and uncle Niclas been involved stuffat around the “Let’s dance”.

Make up with dance star

It was previously Linda Lindorff , Pia Johansson , Nassim Al Fakir , Rickard Soderberg and Elisa Lindstrom ready for the season of the entertainment program.


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