Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bruce is now sold – for 3,000 crowns – Expressen

The tickets for Springsteen’s first concert sold out in less than an hour.

The star now makes another play at Ullevi.

At the same time sold already now secondary tickets on the Internet – for almost 3000 crowns.

– It is problematic, of course, says Kristofer Akesson, press officer at Live Nation.

Both TicketMaster and Live Nation is preparing to tickets to the American star would sell out extremely quickly.

at this writing there are still tickets left for “Bosses” second gig at the Ullevi stadium on June 27.

But while the network has already begun crawling with secondary tickets sold for good money.

on one side there are tickets out there for almost 3000 crowns. Even on Tradera several people started to tickets, even if they have not risen in the same price range. Also on the block is selling several people now tickets to Bruce Springsteen’s concerts at Ullevi Stadium.

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– This issue is nothing new. It is a fact that has been for many years. And it’s so secondary market looks today, and that is problematic in many ways. Especially because many are forced to pay these over prices at a fairly uncertain market, says Kristofer Akesson, press officer at Live Nation.

Live Nation had previously determined that a customer can purchase up to eight tickets to the same show with Bruce Springsteen. In the top section of standing room and seating, a person can only buy four tickets – but if you want you can buy four tickets on the other sections.

– We have a limit on the number of purchases, but at the same time want we have a group of friends to be able to go along to the gigs, says Kristofer Akesson.

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Have you discussed reducing the number of tickets that are possible for one customer to buy?

– Yes, absolutely. And that is different depending on who is playing and what arena it is. But there are studies that show that just because we take down the number of tickets that a customer max may purchase, so do not reduce the tickets on the secondary market, says Kristofer Akesson and continues:

– At the same time feels it is important in this context that say it is still a very small proportion of the number of tickets that end up in the secondary market.

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