Sunday, February 14, 2016

British pop band fatalities in broolyckan in Södertälje – Swedish Dagbladet

divers in the work of salvaging the motorway bridge. Five people died after a car drove through the boom and into the water in the northbound direction on the highway bridge in Södertälje. Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

It was at half three o’clock Friday night that the accident occurred. The bridge should have been open, but on the way down when the car fell at least 25 meters down in Södertälje channel.

All fatalities are men born between 1983 and 1996.

According to the British local newspaper Warrington Guardian, the four members of the British pop band Viola Beach and their manager who perished in the tragic broolyckan outside Södertälje.

Even the BBC indicates the band members as they departed. The band was on tour in Sweden and had played at the festival Where’s the music in Norrkoping, including Tityo.

The band released their debut single Swings & amp; Waterslides last year. Viola Beach was the beginning of a budding career when they met a tragic end. In January they released their second single “Boys That singlets” and in connection with it, they set out on an extended tour

They would play in Guildford in Surrey, outside London on Saturday.

the band was therefore heading for Arlanda, but their car stopped unclear reason the bridge opening outside Södertälje and the car plunged into the Södertälje canal.

Martin Bergholm, police inspector at Södertälje police says TT that the police have a good idea of ​​how the accident happened but would not go out with more detail than what is already known.

Divers searched throughout the night and into Saturday day and encountered the five bodies in water.

Their participation on Where’s the music, which aims to be a platform for new music, gave a hint of the music industry’s hopes for the band members Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Thomas Lowe and Jack Dakin.

the four young men from Warrington, located between Liverpool and Manchester, also had been invited by the BBC to play in giant festival South by Southwest in Texas later this spring.

on the band’s pages on forums Facebook, Twitter and Reddit now beginning condolences pour in.


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