Monday, August 8, 2016

Alexander Bard’s criticism of SD in Summer in P1 – Expressen

The former “Idol” -domaren Alexander Bard criticized in his sommarprat against including Jimmie Åkesson and the Sweden Democrats.

He accused them that they want to return to a “society as they imagine existed once upon a time.”

Now responds SD to criticism.

the artist and former “Idol” -jurymedlemmen and Alexander Bard spoke on Monday of “Summer in P1″. In his section he directed criticism in several directions.

Among other things, that the Sweden Democrats are trying to go back to “nostalgic fantasies of a society that they imagine existed once upon a time.”

– to invoke the the community and want it back, he says in the program.

Felix Bystrom, press assistant for the Sweden Democrats, now responding to criticism from Bard:

“of course, no society is perfect but indirectly mean that Sweden today is no different from contemporary Sweden is not true, “writes Bystrom in a text message.

Alexander Bard also directed criticism at the US presidential candidate Donald Trump, the new extreme right and the new identity left and Marine Le Pen, who is the leader of the French far-right party Front National, for the same reason.

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the Bard also adds IS on the list.

– They want to return to the Middle Ages that never was additionally. A totally false Middle Ages. The idea of ​​a society that never existed as they think they can restore all the same, though it never existed, says Bard.

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TV4 profile also chose to change the entire format of its sommarprat, and instead of doing a monologue about his life – he devotes his time to a philosophical dialogue with comedian Aron Flam.

– Summer for me is when you invite the kindest, sweetest and most famous Swedes and then they sit and talk for 45 minutes, and then they play 45 minutes right sultry music, and then sit lot of tents grannies and think this is nice when they drink their little drink in the archipelago, says Alexander Bard in his sommarprat.

when asked why he agreed to participate in the program, says the artist Nöjesbladet:

– Because I like challenges where you go into the new stuff, but only if I can affect the format.

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