Monday, August 8, 2016

A sommarprat with the will to change – Expressen

“My name is Alexander Bard, I’m sex workers, drug addict and summer talkers. No, by the way, ironing that last! “. So had the Bard’s summer program sounded if he had done like any other, but this time he wants to try a different approach.

This is the third time Alexander Bard’s summer host in P1. In the introduction, he is careful to emphasize that he will not make a traditional program. This should not become “a cozy sommarprat that one can GULP wine,” he says, and then present the comedian Aron Flam to join him.

Alexander Bard is music producer , writer and philosopher. Just today he is primarily the latter. Together with his friend Aaron Flam, we listen to a conversation about today like fishing on the internet, confirming the need and fulfillment. Bard has chosen to call it “emo-narcissism”; a form of self-absorption which expresses itself in snyftiga status updates on Facebook. Flam and Bard believes that this is reminiscent of something we devoted ourselves to the infancy when we chased our parents’ attention. A kind of victimhood that made adults to children again.

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Alexander Bard know what Jimmie Åkesson, Donald Trump and iS have in common.

Bard call it for this kind of people for “the new digital underclass”. What characterizes this group is among other things that they are looking for people who think the same, where they are not likely to be contested. The same people, he says, also lacks the ability to understand the history and context, and daydreaming on the theme “it was better before.”

As an example of figures for this phenomenon, he takes up Donald Trump, IS and Jimmie Åkesson. All romanticize a bygone era, a time when everything was much better. But, as the Bard interjects, “there has never been a society where we have sat around the campfire and singing Kumbaya.” Which he is right.

Alexander Bard may not be a traditional summer talkers, but that does not make his program less worth listening.


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