Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Extraterrestrial hits mixed with Rihanna – Ystad Allehanda

It must be fun for an artist to have such a substantial låtarkiv be able to pick from. And Rihanna’s concert at Malmo Arena is no ordinary song-clap-between snack concert, without a proper, pumping sound carpet where the songs come and go, woven together and interspersed with instrumental dance numbers.

The tempo and the energy is high, even if the audience only hears fragments of some songs, like “Umbrella”.

“Anti World Tour” and Rihanna seems to have left the earth. Both the stage and the performers have been a fitting stage outfits where the tanks out to the desert planet Tatooine from “Star Wars.”

Rihanna makes an impressive entrance over the audience’s heads by a flying glass bridge singing “Love the way you lie (part II)”.

During the course of the evening is growing three fluorescent dinosaur eggs on the scene behind Rihanna and her dancers to disappear, and finally filled the stage fund with bubbles that threaten to eat up the whole band.

Rihanna parading as a queen along the stage, and is at once both friendly and aloof. Most she calls “Malmo!” and much more from the snack is not, even if she takes the time to sign autographs from the edge of the stage during the instrumental sequence.

The format amazes , then the big party will not be saved until the end, but arises somewhere in the middle of the concert with songs like “We Found Love” and “Where have you been.” Then eight välstretchade dancers in glittery body stockings on stage, technobeatsen are heavy and spotlights flashes. The crowd is a swaying sea of ​​jubilation.

The concert grand finale is instead a slower pace. Rihanna demonstrates his amazing voice during “Four Five Seconds” and “Diamonds” before she stacks, disappearing into a hole in the stage floor and is seen no more.

crestfallen? Not at all. The audience has had a taste of a large part of Rihanna’s music offerings at a furious pace and it has appealed to both new and old diehard fans.


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