Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Here is a new jury in the Talent 2017 in TV4 – Expressen

The next spring, “Talent” back to television screens with Pär Lernström as host.

Now it is clear who is part of the jury – Alexander Bard, David Batra , cake Hermansson and LaGaylia Frazier.

“Meet the new TALENT jury!” writes TV4 on Twitter.

“Talent” has been sent previously in Sweden, in both TV3 and TV4 – and in July it was confirmed that the talent program will return in spring 2017 TV4.

“Idol” -programledaren Pär Lernström is the host along with Youtube Star Christina “Keyyo” Petrushina.

– No one will be happier than I to have to do this program if it is done in the manner that I have absolute hope that we will do, Pär Lernström previously said to TT.

Now TV4 reveal who will be in the jury. The former “Idol” -jurymedlemmen Alexander Bard, who along with Laila Bagge and Anders Bagge announced before last season’s programs to the defects, is one of the jury members.

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David Batra and LaGaylia Frazier jury

Even LaGaylia Frazier, including competed in Melodifestivalen 2004 with “It’s in the stars” and the following year with “Nothing at all”, is a member of the jury.

in addition LaGaylia Frazier and Alexander Bard is also the comedian David Batra and TV host and actor cake Hermansson the jury for the new “Talent”.

“Meet the new TALENT jury!” writes TV4 on Twitter.

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Zara Larsson won the “Talent” age of ten

the “Talent” is originally a television format developed by Simon Cowell’s company. The first program aired heat of “America’s Got Talent” and premiered in 2006.

One of those who previously participated in the Swedish “Talent” is Zara Larsson, 18. She won the entire program in the second season, ten years old when she performed “My heart will go on” in the final.

Jon Henrik Fjällgren, who participated in the Eurovision song Contest this year with the song “I am free”, won the “Talent” last year their participation in popular music.

in the past, among others, Charlotte Perrelli, Bert Karlsson, Carolina Gynning, Robert Aschberg and Shirley Clamp served on the jury for the program.

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