Saturday, August 13, 2016

Maggio on the work of love: “Magic” – Aftonbladet

It will be her biggest own gig ever.

No wonder Veronica Maggio is nervous.

– It’s totally unreasonable that I have put me in this stupid situation, I feel every time, she says.

Before the gig at the Stadium on Saturday has Veronica Maggio uploaded by checking out DVDs of the concerts.

– the thing I like the most is the Eagles or Simon & Garfunkel . They do not have as much bombs and grenades Beyoncé . But somewhere in between, perhaps. Somewhere between Beyoncé and Simon & Garfunkel.

She has promised to season with four still-secret guest appearance.

– There will be an evening with extra everything.

so she says of the only concert in Stockholm summer in 2016.

Afraid to go up on stage

But it is possible to Veronica Maggio will not feel the Peppen on Saturday morning.

Something grabs her every time she is out on a stage.

– It’s totally unreasonable that I have put me in this stupid situation, I feel every time. Only “God, why are you doing this to yourself, you do not even think this is fun.” So I feel, it really is my honest feeling before. I have some kind of phobic fear of going up.

Then we will solve it always. Someone kicks her out on stage. Other feelings take over.

– Thank goodness. Then it’s quite magical. And afterwards, you are of course fully met and just want to go back. It’s like nothing to compare with. But I have always done so. When people have asked me if I want to do things, so I know the moment I accept that “damn what you will be terrified when this day comes,” says Veronica Maggio.

On Saturday 13: August is the day.

– it’s fun when it feels like that scary in any way. It’s so magical to stand and play and sing for people. It’s someone special magic for me, and those who are doing it.

Stadium will be another check mark on the checklist which includes releasing five albums in ten years, putting Swedish Spotifyrekord, playing with Håkan Hellström Ullevi and compass by Benny Andersson is already completed. READ ALSO Veronica Maggio: “Oskar will deny in the grave”

dissar “So much better”

Veronica Maggio has more ideas but think they have to be spontaneous. As with email as fixed “Full House” Our partnership with Hakan.

– One afternoon in the studio and a gamble, she said.

She has some dream projects, bands that should be started , screenplay that is not written. Unclear what, what, or with whom.

– I can not say when I jinxar whole thing. It would be fun to share more of the role I have now. It seems so much fun to be a duo or a band where everyone is a front man.

On the latest album “The first is always free” Veronica has worked with, among others, Klas Gullbrand. He is also Veronica’s boyfriend.

– It’s quite magical to have that thing together. Music’s special in that it gobbles up a … it’s fun to be with someone who understands the thing. Then one can become completely mad at each other, too.

But the one place where we are guaranteed not see Veronica’s around Gotland dinner table in the “How much better.”

– Hehe. Then there would have to be a very, very good offer from TV4. One should not say never. I do not know who I am ten years. But I like to write songs and “So Much Better” feels like the opposite of that. To do covers and so … I do not know. READ ALSO PLUS The 10 best songs in ” so much better “

at the moment the focus is on the show.

– Now I have so very high expectations of myself and of all those who will attend. I can not but hope that it will be absolutely magical, says Veronica Maggio.


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