Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Per Magnusson about Rihanna in Malmo – Aftonbladet

Malmo. Rihanna concert in Malmö is a small wonder of sand-colored subtle beauty.

In the center – one of the most magnetic pop stars – in total control of his artistry.

She has never been better.

I have seen Robyn Rihanna Fenty twice before.

The first time the Globe associated with the album “Loud.” The other a luxurious evening at Berns facing “Unapologetic”. I liked both concerts. But I’ve never been so excited now.

With the winter’s “Anti” – 28-year-old Barbados singer’s best album to date – she has taken her music to a new level. That, combined with her amazing single history, creates good conditions for “Anti World Tour”, which reached Stockholm for a month ago.

Completely in sync with it latest album recalcitrant themed tour turns his back on big gestures. It is exempt from the flying hot dogs which is usually synonymous with stage plays, except the four luminous mosquito larvae and a floating piece of plexiglass that constitute it, in this context, minimalist properties.

I love the visual atmosphere created by RiRis Permanent stylist Mel Ottenberg . It feels like stepping straight into the Kanye West beige r’n’b desert, known from launchen of “The Life of Paul” and his clothing line “Yeezy”. In the center, like a mirage, Rihanna.

The introduction is singularly handsome. RiRi progressing through the crowd ocean and up on stage in the middle of the arena in dusty white robe. From there, she sings the murderous piano ballad “Stay”. The opening is a perfect statement for Rihanna is an artist in 2016. She knows exactly what she wants to say and how she should say it. And she looks more comfortable and relaxed than ever when she does it.

Rihanna is a perfect balance of superstar and man.

imperfection seems rarely as perfect as in her company. Temporary guitar solos belong to when you see the R & B world Axl Rose on stage, the half-hour, we will have to wait after the scheduled playing time as well.

Rihanna sings when she’s in the zone , lets the audience take over when she feels like it.

the charm lies in the love affair between her and the audience. In the evening, the extra palpable. Rihanna canceled their concert in Malmö in 2011 and it shows that the audience waited for and love their idol. The warm atmosphere rubs off on RiRi, who seems to be in great spirits.

The strongest, she is in the songs from the “Anti”. All she requires in order to crush the air around you is a microphone. As the wistful “Needed Me” and the lovely finisher “Kiss it better,” two proof that she still has her best pop singles in itself. The latter is performed in a

snotty box.

Up there, she will remain a long time, the world’s currently most captivating female pop star.

Ratings song by song below.


Rihanna kills instantly.

Love the way you lie (part II)

the chorus of Eminem collaboration explodes out of Malmö arena.


Album tracks from “Anti” performed by a plexiglass corridor floating

back and forth over the crowd.

Sex with me

It is clear from the outset that RiRi is on fire tonight.

Birthday cake

Interlude recorded on Hotels in Copenhagen flashes past.

at the same time: the four beige “the life of Pablo” -dansarna make an entrance.

Pour it up

Rihanna basking in their dollar-notes of minimalist trap beat.


Tonight second Eminem collaboration, this time from “Unapologetic”.

Bitch better have my money

Oh my God. Can a song be more? “Like brrap, brrap, brrap” Full “The

The life of Pablo” -stämning on stage.


“Anti” -öppningen with SZA in backtracksen. Rihanna dressar about.

Live Your Life / Run This Town / All of the lights

Hitmedley summarizing three of Rihanna countless guest appearances, here

at TI, Jay-Z and Kanye.


A perfect poprefräng for the perfect poprefränger.


“Malmo wassup!” Modern spaghetti western-R & B at it’s hottest.

You down

Dance show with Fenty in new housing, with five-meter long train.

Rude boy

Old school-Rihanna on repeat, now without cover.


so simple, so brilliant.

Take care

“Take care.” Oh, “Take care.” Have I said that I love “Take Care”?

We Found Love

Sing Along designed for smart phones in the air, signed Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend.

Where have you been

More Calvin Harris Rihanna.

Needed me

RiRis latest single, produced by DJ Mustard, is one of the concert

highlights. She shines most of the new songs, naturally enough.

Same ol ‘mistakes

Just as the moment live streaming Frank Ocean celebrates Rihanna Tame

Impala, the psychedelic rock band from Australia.


Rihanna lights up the whole Malmo arena with mobile phones and one of their

The most glimmering pop singles. Wildly gesticulating, she sings wonderfully

and bushy. Behind her, a giant bubble bath. You just want to snuggle down

in which the song.

Four Five Seconds

RiRi transforms the arena into a local pub with this lovely rock song .

she stands in front of the edge of the stage as she did karaoke by its own


Love on the brain

Lovelorn vintage soul with the heart of the oversized

lapel. Again: Rihanna sings very well-rounded.

Kiss it better

I’ve been listening to this all summer in the car. To hear Rihanna

sing the really end. So beautiful.


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