Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The announcement by Sing – Stenmarck marries – Expressen

Martin Stenmarck will marry his Hanna Hedlund.

After the artist’s appearance at Sing-along at Skansen, he was kidnapped by including David Hellenius, Anders Timell and Andreas Johnson – who took with Martin Stenmarck on stag.

– He’s getting married, says Sanna Nielsen, after the program.

What a joy to information from Martin Stenmarck.

Right after that he went to sing-along stage in Stockholm so rushed several of his close friends in and kidnapped him to later take him out on the bachelor party.

Among the company was including David Hellenius, Anders Timell, Andreas Johnson and Nassim al Fakir.

According to Per Rådelius, project manager for Sing-along at Skansen, wanted kid gang cancel sending and retrieving Stenmark already during the program.


Stag !!

A photo published by Anders Timell (@anderstimell) August 2, 2016 at. 12:35 PDT


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But it put SVT stop to.

– We had a dialogue about it and they got permission to be released in at Skansen and get him there, says Per Rådelius.

Martin Stenmarck will marry his girlfriend Hanna Hedlund.

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together they previously had three children together, namely Ida, love and Saga.

Radio host Anders Timell himself has put out a picture where Martin Stenmarck visible in an escalator – heading out on the town to celebrate his bachelor party.

Sanna Nielsen told myself after the show that she had known about all day to a bachelor party was planned for Martin Stenmarck – but that she managed to keep everything secret.

– I knew so well about it. It has tisslats and paw upon. So you’ve had gagged on themselves so that they would not say too much, says Sanna Nielsen.

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