Sunday, August 7, 2016

Revealed the infidelity – the mistress panties – Aftonbladet

Anna Ternheim had lost his voice.

When she stood in a bathroom in Manhattan with another woman’s panties in his hand and realized that she had been deceived, she thought back on his conversation with Lars Norén, broke with the guy and moved back to Stockholm.

– He stretches his gaze to me and says: “You need to set you free, free from everything,” she says in the “Summer in P1 “.

After his success in Sweden moved Anna Ternheim to New York. A city she fell instantly in love with, she says in the “Summer in P1″.

She got a shabby apartment in the East Village, bought an air mattress, it is necessary to the kitchen, a poster and a used table.

Every morning when she sat and ate breakfast, she read a chapter from Lars Norén’s diary.

– I was caught by it, and was curiously comforting. He put words on so much of my feelings. The anxiety when the songs will not. Euroforin when the work is easy. Löpturerna to clear your head. The struggle to establish peace and time for writing, and the need to feel free, she says in the “Summer”.

Felt that she was stuck

Anna Ternheim promised himself that thank Lars Norén if she ever met him. And she did a few years later at a bakery on Odengatan in Stockholm.

She went up to him and thanked him for solace and inspiration.

She told me about his situation, then was completely different than when she took her belongings and the Atlantic Ocean. She told me that she was trapped and had anxiety. That she has some gigs booked, but that she felt insecure and nervous.

Then the poet, her counsel.

– He stretches his gaze to me and says: “You must do you free, free from everything. That’s what it’s about. “I let the words sink in. “Good luck,” he says.

“The songs have been crap”

The call came back to her a few years later, says Anna Ternheim in “Summer in P1″. She was standing in a small bathroom in Manhattan and asked the guy she was in a relationship with giving her her panties. But instead, he threw in a pair of black thong – who was not her.

– Again, I will be humiliated. For I know that he knows that I know. And so here we have held on too long. About the same time, I treaded water. The songs have been crap and my confidence has slowly been broken, says Ternheim in “Summer”.

She had reached its limit. The same day she booked a flight home to Stockholm. A few days later, she left her home in New York and decided not to come back until he had found his voice again.

The result was her latest album “For The Young”. LAST CHANCE Super Even – do not forget to vote for Rockbjörnen!


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