Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ternheims discovery revealed the infidelity – Expressen

Anna Ternheim deceived by a former boyfriend – she came to him when she found the other woman’s underwear.

In his “Summer in P1″ says the artist about her then lost himself and his voice.

– My confidence has been broken, says Ternheim in his sommarprat.

Anna Ternheim, 38, from Stockholm says in his sommarprat in “Summer in P1″ about how she came to her partner cheated on her.

In a bathroom in Manhattan, she asked for her panties – when the man threw on a couple who did not belong to her, she understood.

– The realization hit me with force as I stand there in the middle bathroom. I’ll get dressed, and asking for my panties, and the man out of the bedroom are among the sheets and throwing in a pair of black thong that are not mine. And I realize that I have known in principle all the time that there is someone else, she says:

– Without the slightest sign of remorse he lying right to my face than once and I, again, will be humiliated. For I know that he knows that I know. And so here we have held on too long. Just as long as I treaded water, the songs have been crap and my confidence has been broken.

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Anna Ternheim says she neither got angry or sad. Instead, she turned inward feelings, and dropped her voice.

It took the artist from the darkness was the memory of a meeting with the poet Lars Norén.

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His words came back to her, she got dressed and returned to Sweden – to stop.

– “You need to set you free, free from everything, that’s what it’s about,” said Lars Norén to Anna Ternheim.

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