Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sanna Nielsen’s gaffe during the live broadcast – Expressen

After tonight’s “Sing-along at Skansen” rounded Sanna Nielsen had a blackout and forgot the lyrics to “Stockholm in my heart.”

– Is there anyone who can second verse, she asked the audience before she hummed through the rest of the song.

Sanna Nielsen, 31, has led “Sing-along at Skansen” seven avsitt and sat signature song “Stockholm in my heart” flawless.

Until tonight’s episode.

when the program ended with all the evening’s guest artists sang the popular song as TV host dropped off the total. The blackout was a fact when the music continued without vocals for the first verse and chorus. Instead heard Sanna easily surprised vote in SVT’s live broadcast.

– Yes, we continue, what glorious. Is there anyone who can second verse?

But the answer did not materialize and there was no further song, instead hummed to Sanna through song during the remaining seconds were broadcast live.

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The evening’s program was the season’s penultimate and viewers got among other things see the television profile Kristin Kaspersen, 46, wiping tears after her mother Lill-Babs, 78, prominent. The artist drew the laughter when she joked release of Hosted by Sanna Nielsen length.

– Lill-Babs, here she is, the woman that I look so much up to, said Sanna Nielsen.

– What do you think I do then, I have always looked up to you. It does not help what you have heels on himself, said Lill-Babs.

The artist’s joke was appreciated by both the audience and TV host.

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Even Benjamin Ingrosso was surprised at the program manager’s length when he stood next to her to be interviewed.

– You’re very tall I must stand on tiptoe here, he said.


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