Saturday, August 13, 2016

She is the queen of cool – absolutely brilliant – Expressen

Gothenburg. She is Polly Jean Harvey.

The queen of cool.

Evocative is just the beginning.

PJ Harvey show is a seamless experience, where each moment feels thought out to the smallest detail. There, no padding will fit.

From the intro, in which a spring-wearing singer marches in procession with his band, the expressive finale – where some of the early PJ classics ( “Down by the Water”, ” to bring you my love “), a wholly new context.

she could pick up even more early tracks, she has a” Greatest Hits “itself if she wants, but there is nothing missing in concert time.

Almost all the focus is on the last two albums. “Chain of keys,” “The Ministry of Defence,” “The community of Hope” and “The Orange monkey” is not popular songs right away – but live they turn into incontrovertible indie hits.

PJ Harvey, himself a some of the brass section, with a saxophone over her shoulder, she directs the orchestra well together, playing apocalyptic blues and rock’n’roll nervy with muffled sounds.

she sings with authority, as a reclusive drama queen of cool control.

Usually it is absolutely brilliant. Never is there any doubt about who is the night’s indie queen.


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