Friday, August 5, 2016

SVT poodles after record tab – Aftonbladet

Football player Therese Sjögran, 39, has played most internationals in Sweden.

It missed SVT – and wrote Anders Svensson, 40, the record of the presentation of the participants in the ‘Masters’ masters “.

Now, poodles channel.

– We regret it very much, says Hanna Dowling on SVT’s press service.

In the new season of SVT’s program” Eternal Glory “specializes former football players Therese Sjögran and Anders Svensson with other famous athletes.

But when this year’s participants were presented something went awry. SVT Anders Svensson described as “the player who played the most national team matches, 148 of them”.

It is not true. In fact, Therese Sjögran the impressive record with his total of 210 played international matches.

The error noticed quickly by several outraged viewers.

“God so bad”

“How the hell can SVT presenting Anders Svensson as the player who played the most internationals when just above presented Therese Sjögran without mentioning that she has become Swedish champion with Rosengård and that she is the player with the most caps?” writes one of them on the application’s Facebook page.

“God so badly SVT Have you still no track of which player played the most international matches or shitting you simply in it?” writes another. READ ALSO PLUS Here is everything you never knew if the profiles in “Eternal Glory” in 2015

I called and apologized

Now, poodles SVT and apologize.

– It was a very sad mistake like that Luckily discovered pretty quickly. We regret it very much. It should be right in the texts and luckily we were able to change it says Hannah Dowling on SVT’s press service.

The channel has also talked to Therese Sjögran.

– We called her and apologized. We got to correct it, says Hanna Dowling.

Later changed the presentation and Anders Svensson are now described as “the male player who played the most international matches.”

The recordings of “Eternal Glory” begins in September. It is the program’s ninth season. READ ALSO PLUS 10 most embarrassing moments in the ‘Masters’ Masters’ 2015


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