Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wadling buried – friends’ last farewell – Aftonbladet

Gothenburg. Today buried Freddie Wadling in Gothenburg.

The friends gather to bid farewell during a funeral ceremony is open to the public.

– Freddie is dead and we are gathered here in Vaasa Church on his birthday actually. The same church that he and Bella got married, start priest Bengt Inghammar culture artist Freddie Wadling funeral. Then play the salvation army orchestra Psalm 249 “Only a day”.

A personal ceremony

On Tuesday buried Freddie Wadling in Vasa Church in central Gothenburg, and the ceremony is open to all. Today, August 2, would have been Wadling 65th birthday. According to the priest Bengt Inghammar, who also held the heavyweight boxer Ingemar Johansson funeral in 2009, it becomes a personalized ceremony.

– There will be a lot Freddie Wadling. He will be with in every way. I will talk about what he has done and my experience of him. There is also a farewell to those who are here. There will be a meeting of both mind and our own life, says Bengt Inghammar.

“A unique artist”

On June 2 Wadling died after a brief illness. Just a week before he would have started the recordings of TV4 hit “So much better”.
Arriving at the coffin stands twenty bouquets with greetings from friends and family. “Rest in peace dear Freddie, hugs from friends as much better “is written on one of them. at the altar is also a portrait of Freddie Wadling as a work of art signed by the deceased multi-artist.

the program of the ceremony includes several famous names. Anna von Hausswolff play the organ music and singing and actress Stina Ekblad reading a hymn.

the comedian and magician Carl Einar Häckner sits among rows of Vasa Church. on the question of how he will remember Wadling he says:

– As a unique artist with an amazing and emotional voice.

After an hour and a half is begravningscermonin over. It ends with Wadling coffin is carried out of the church to the sound of a bass drum. as fades like a heart that stops beating.

Did Hellströmlåt

Earlier this year came the album “After the rain” where he interpreted the Hakan Hellstrom “Feel no sorrow for me Göteborg.”

Hakan Hellstrom paid tribute to his friend Freddie Wadling during summer gigs at the Ullevi Stadium. With a bottle of whiskey and a rose resting at the edge of the stage. It was also shown pictures of Wadling on the big screen.

Last gig: funeral

After the death explained Hellstrom to Wadling was a godfather and legend for all that played alternative music in Gothenburg.

the friend and partner Sebastian Öberg has told Aftonbladet that there is a lot of material that could be released posthumously.

– the last real concert was filmed. The last real concert was in April, said Oberg in June.

The very last appearance Wadling did was Jeanette Bonnier funeral on May 6th, where he sang “A whiter shade of pale “.


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