Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Zara on Melander’s video support: ‘Great fun’ – Aftonbladet

After Sven Melander defended Zara Larsson in the rape debate, he is met with strong reactions.
He may, inter alia told him to die, writes SVT.
– I prefer if so, to see Naples and die, he said to SVT.

in one of his video blogs chose Sven Melander to express their frustration about men’s reactions rape debate. In the clip he defends Zara Larsson for her statements after the abuses that have taken place in several of the summer festivals.

The clip was widely distributed on social media and appreciation was frantically.

Sven Melander personally have received both praise and criticism for his statements.
– Over ninety percent are positive reactions, said the production company I work with, and so there are some who want me to die. And I will of course, but like in a natural way, he says to SVT.

“It’s about our paws”

He also talks about the more detailed comments.
– since some want me to suck their body parts and then die. I think it’s such a fun event sequence. I prefer in this case to see Naples and die, he said to SVT.

According to SVT Melander points out that many hear are, and say they are not raping anyone. He also notes that the fact that they choose to not see the problem is an ostrich behavior.
– It’s about our paws on girls and call them whores. How the hell can you refuse to see it? he said.

Zara Larsson pleased clip

In an interview with cafe react Zara Larsson on the clip.
– It was great to see, she says to the cafe.

She welcomes support.
– There are people who will hate, but there are twice as many as endorsed and will support and it makes me that much stronger. And it allows one to forget these being, she says to the cafe.

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