Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bon Iver set to the european tour ”for personal reasons” – Aftonbladet

They caused biljettkaos and would have played in Stockholm at the end of January.

They’d begun in Paris January 22 and ended in London almost a month later. But now set the Bon Iver in all of the concerts and the new album Justin Vernons, 35, planned appearances in the musical "A prairie home companion" in the united states in mid-January. They would have played at the Cirkus in Stockholm, 30 and 31 January.

the Band stating on their Facebook page "personal reasons" as the reason. Where responding to fans with great disappointment and outrage over the scheduled trips that do not go to the book of the, but also some well wishes to the group and hope that they are doing well.

"Hope to be able to steer something up"

The Swedish organizer Luger regret the decision.

"We think of course that it is supertråkigt that the two planned concerts now. Bon Iver is one of the most in-demand artists in Sweden we are many who are disappointed by this decision", said Joakim Skoglund in an e-mail to Nöjesbladet.

currently, there are no ersättningsdatum for the cancellation of the concerts.

"We have no more information than that already communicated via the artist. We hope of course to be able to control up something new with Bon Iver as soon as possible", writes Joakim Skoglund.

Caused biljettkaos

Bon Iver was formed in 2007 and is twice Grammybelönade, they both Sverigekonserterna have been among the year’s most hajpade concerts in Sweden, at the ticket release in the fall caused the chaos when the tickets sold out in a flash. They said that all biljettpengar will be paid back and that none of the concerts yet planned for another time. Thus, it is unclear when the tape is back on the live scene.

"We come back"

The hint, however, that it would not be even a dödssjukdom in kändisvärlden with a declaration:

"Our most sincere apologies to all our fans. We will be back."

They released the album “For Emma, forever ago” in the same year. Four years later came the release of the sequel, and in september came the third album, “22, a million” which was awarded with four-plus of Aftonbladet’s Per Magnusson.


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