Thursday, January 12, 2017

Five options ready for minnesvårdstävling – Aftonbladet


Five options ready for minnesvårdstävling

One of the five options, "The Cloud" (image is cropped).

This is a kulturartikel. It is the writer who stands for the views that are put forward in the text, not the newspaper Aftonbladet.

It is now over twelve years ago 543 swedes died in the massive tsunami that affected large parts of south-east Asia. Two years ago, the government decided that the memory of these shall be honored on a place on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, and now has five proposals for the memorial presented.

In the contest, which was launched I did not have an object, like a sculpture, but instead just a place, a room, "not only for grief and contemplation, but also for joy and remembrance", the national public art council writes in a press release. In addition to the artistic has factored, inter alia, the ecology, since the memorial site will lie within the Nationalstatsparken on the island of Djurgården.

The stated name shall in any way be on the site – if the relatives want. The register they themselves. Representatives of the relatives are also included in the jury selected the five options.
All five proposals are available from today and in just over two weeks to come for the public to see at the Thielska galleriet museum, a stone’s throw from where the memorial is to be created. You can also see them on the homepages of the Statens konstråd and national property.
The winning proposal will be published in march next year, the site should be ready.


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