Thursday, January 12, 2017

Here are the proposals to tsunamimonument – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Nöjestelegram A proposal is an amphitheater that points towards the stars, another is a glowing circle in the tops of the trees. In common is that they express both loss and hope. Here are the five entries that can be a memory location for the flodvågskatastrofens victims.

The five proposals are set out on the Thielska gallery in Stockholm, in the vicinity of Blockhusudden where the memory slot, then it should be. The memorial is erected to commemorate the victims of the tsunami disaster in Thailand 2004.

— Several of the works takes into account how nature is great and man is fragile. All of the proposals have elements of it. At the same time captures the desire to move on, there is hope, ” says Magdalena Malm, director of the national public art council.

Met with the relatives of

The artists behind the works is not revealed until march, when the winning entry is published. The reason is the rules around public procurement. According to Magdalena Malm has been a growing interest for the competition has been substantial, with contributions from both Swedish and international artists.

— There have been high level and they have really made an effort. They have also been here and met the relatives and it feels. The works are very empathetic and engaged, ” she says.

the Name of the victim will be a part of the work and, from today, to relatives, if they wish, notify the names of people who died for the national public art council. From the beginning there were no plans to include the name of the memory location, but it was changed after criticism from the relatives of the deceased.

Inaugurated in 2018

the Contributions are displayed to the public from tomorrow until January 29. They will also be able to be seen at the national public art council sweden website.

the Grants have been selected by the national property board and the Swedish national public art council, together with the jurygruppen consisting of relatives and experts. The winner is selected in march and the finished work shall be inaugurated in the spring of 2018. The budget for the design of the memorial is seven million.


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