Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Katerina Janouch: I want to be able to handle a weapon – Aftonbladet

Katerina Janouch admits that she used the sweeping arguments about the Swedish refugee situation in Czech-tv.

at the same time, she stands solid at the several claims, among other things, more and more swedes learn to shoot.

– I want to be able to handle a weapon, period. I want to be able to defend myself if it becomes a real-life situation, ” she says.

Author Katerina Janouch criticized for his involvement in the Czech tv, where she’s talking about immigration and the Swedish refugee policy. With Hynek Pallas, who, like Janouch has roots in the Czech republic, is one of several that are deeply critical of the image that she paints of the Sweden. He believes that Janouch spreading of prejudice and incorrectly gives a picture of a country wrecked by mass immigration.

Katerina Janouch, however, claim that the sentences are taken out of context.

– I’m not saying that everything is their fault. But we have a crisis in the issues of migration, ” she says.

Katerina Janouch says she conveys her image of how she looks at developments in Sweden, but that it is consistent with what other newspapers are writing. She takes the example of the british Daily Mail.

Why do you want to convey the image of Czech tv?

– I want to have a discussion about how society should look like. If how we allocate our resources in our country, how we allocate tax revenues and the political decisions that are taken.

But why do you want the czechs to get the picture?

– I talk about what I have seen and it concerns me.

In the Czech the interview says Katerina Janouch is that more people in Sweden have started to learn to shoot, something she herself engaged in.

– I want to be able to handle a weapon, period. I want to be able to defend myself if it becomes a real-life situation, I do not want to appear nonplussed. I want to be able to have a supply of food unless it would be so that the community affected by a crisis. You must be able to see if their house in these times. This is no safe times. People are becoming nerhuggna on the open streets, there is terrorism in Europe and the world. But I’m not interested in talking more about it.

But what is your evidence that more has begun with the vapenträning?

– I have received from various statistics. For example, there is a great interest for the hunter’s certificate. I have received it from the independent sources in Sweden, also that there is an interest to be in different skytteklubbar, ” she says, referring to what pops up if you google on the increased interest for hunting and shooting.

Katerina Janouch also says in the interview that 150 000 people have emigrated from Sweden to the united states and England. When the Aftonbladet ask what time period referred to she could not answer it.

– I don’t know exactly how the statistics were, but it was something I read. It is perhaps over ten years.

Why is it interesting in this context?

– I talk about what I think is relevant, I think it is interesting to see that people are emigrating from Sweden.

In the interview, you can get the picture that people have emigrated because of the picture you paint of Sweden?

– Yes, maybe you can. Absolutely.

Is there a right way to argue?

– You may draw their own conclusions of it. If you want to know exactly who has emigrated may well go in and look at it yourself.

But do you think the people who are watching it here in the Czech republic do it?

– I is not the only source of all, are you interested in taking out more. I convey my opinion and what I have read. I have gotten the numbers from somewhere. You may not share my views, or how do you do it.

But do you think it is a great way to present stats?

– It is clear that one can discuss the numbers. Just where perhaps I should have been clearer that it was for a longer period of time. But I have not linked it to the influx of refugees last fall.

don’t you Think that you are using the statistics and arguments in a sweeping way?

– It is a bit sweeping. But it is during a call. I am not a politician. Had I been a politician had I needed the exact basis for everything.

Advocate you a invandringsstopp?

– I want you to be aware of the people who come to Sweden. I think we should receive more women and children. I don’t feel safe with all the men who come to Sweden, it will be a major imbalance and I don’t know how to deal with it. Take the hit 100 000′s of women and children instead, there, I feel safe with.


Janouch in the fire after flyktingutspel


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