Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lundell reveals: “I love botox” – Expressen

“Djävulsdansen”profile Sanna Lundell inject botox in the forehead.

In the podcast, “Thoughts…” by Daniel Redgert tells the True Lundell about his love for nervgiftet.

“I love botox,” she says in the podcast.

Journalist and tv personality Sanna Lundell, 38, visits the podcast “Thoughts…” with the pr profile Daniel Redgert.

In the pod she talks about something that amazes Redgert – namely, her love for botox.

Botox I run with, definitely, ” says Sanna Lundell in the podcast.

She believes that she feel prettier the older she gets, and that it has a lot of confidence to do. But she also injects botox in the forehead at regular intervals.

” I love botox. I have one of those bekymmersrynka, now it starts to come up again. I have to fill in with the botox, it is clearly on my to do-list, says Sanna Lundell in the podcast.

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It was after the tv profile, had the age of 35 three years ago, and had played in the first season of “Djävulsdansen”, which she chose to begin with nervgiftet – something she does not regret.

Poddaren Daniel Redgert is surprised Sanna lundell’s fabless to botox.

” You don’t feel like a botox girl, he thinks in the podcast.

– It is not so, but it is I, says Sanna Lundell in the “Thoughts…”.

In the podcast compare Sanna Lundell how she thinks about herself now, how she thought that a 20-year-old. After having found the pictures of when she was a child for the first time, she remembers that she thought she was ugly.

” But I look like a model! It is so depressed that you couldn’t see it, ” says Sanna Lundell.

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